Scott Mankoff

Artist, Musician, Writer, Actor, Director, Producer.  Years Active 1988-present. 

Update:  Scott Mankoff's artwork sold in an auction called Art Conspiracy (AC) in November 2018.  A milestone that marks Scott's ten year anniversary as an artist with AC from 2008-2018 with works sold in 2008, 2009, 2013, and 2018. 

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Scott Mankoff in KERA Art & Seek article in 2008 with photo.

Scott Mankoff in a Dallas Observer article 2011.

Scott Mankoff listed as a favorite in a Dallas Observer review of a 2012 Kettle Art Gallery show.

Scott Mankoff photographic art sold in Kettle Art Gallery yearly from 2007-2014. Link to learn more about

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  Dallas Morning News ArticleQuickProfileArticlePhotoByJasonJanik040909.jpg  About Scott Mankoff in 2009

Robert De Niro

by Scott Mankoff 


Cover of AFI News 2008